December 9 - December 10, 2017

WODGODZ is destined to become one of our sport’s premier fitness competitions, in which athletes from across the region and nation will battle in a Clash of Titans for the title of WOD GOD.

Will you be one of them? Are you ready to make a name for yourself? Are you ready for the unexpected? If so, and you are willing to accept the challenges that the GODZ have in store for you, then join us at WODGODZ, and battle with the best to stake claim to your prize money and prove you’re worthy.

You haven’t worked as hard as you have, and given your blood, sweat, and tears to settle for just another weekend WOD at your local Box. You didn’t come this far to only come this far! So, join us at WODGODZ, December 9-10, 2017, and be proud you did!

This is a large-scale functional fitness competition for men and women of all ages. It will take place December 9-10 at Shreveport Convention Center. There will be PRO, RX, Scaled, and Team divisions. A large purse of cash and prizes is to be awarded to the top three finishers in each division. Please see www.wodgodz.com for prizes.