Sunflower Trail & Festival


The 23rd Annual Sunflower Trail and Festival will take place, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, June 18 in Gilliam, Louisiana. The event will feature art and handmade items for sale by heritage crafters and artists, hands-on arts and Food and refreshment vendors will be available at the Festival, and lunch will be served at nearby businesses including Main Street Restaurant in Gilliam and D&I Country Café in Belcher. Admission is free and open to the public.

Festival activities will take place behind the Crossroads Museum in Gilliam and in the Park on the Bayou.
On the Sunflower Trail, interesting places to visit are the Veterans Memorial in Belcher, the Lynn Plantation Commissary between Belcher and Gilliam, and the Red River Crossroads Museum in Gilliam
During the month of June drive and explore the Sunflower Trail on Highway 3049 north from Shreveport to Gilliam. A good option is to turn right at Old Dixie Gin and Sentell Road and drive the loop around the levee. Sentell Road circles back to Highway 3049 at Cornerstone Baptist Church, just north of Dixie. This scenic drive features a zinnia field and several sunflower varieties. Sunflowers along the trail are expected to be in full bloom during the month of June and are an excellent spot for photo shots of family and friends – sunflowers may be cut in locations along the highway.

The Sunflower Photography contest information and application form are on the Facebook page and on the Sunflower Trail & Festival Facebook page. Entries are due by June 15th.

Gilliam is just off of Highway 3049 (also known as Dixie/Shreveport Road) and can be reached from Shreveport by heading north on Grimmet Drive and turning right onto Highway 3049. The physical address of the Crossroads Museum is 12797 Main Street (LA-3049) in Gilliam and can be reached easily from Highway 71 N.
The Sunflower Trail and Festival is a presentation of the Red River Crossroads
Historical & Cultural Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1994. For more information on the Annual Sunflower Trail and Festival, like the Sunflower Trail and or contact Gilliam Mayor Gail Moore 318 296-4218 or Karen Logan at (318) 296-4303. 
Sunflower Trail & Festival