Summer Code-A-Thon

June 22, 2019

Calling all coders ready for a Coding Challenge?! Celebrate Summer and the world of gaming with Code Ninjas! Join our Summer Code-A-Thon, where kids will hone their game building, coding, and teamwork skills using Scratch.® You could win amazing prizes!

Compete with other coders in a race to create the coolest game! Summer Code-A-Thon is a public event where teams of two will will work together to create a game. Participants will have 2 hours to create a new game with presentation and prizes to follow. You are not required to be a student at Code Ninjas to participate. Children must be ages 7-14 and have some experience with Scratch to participate. All games will be built in Scratch.

As a special treat while games are being judged, families will participate in family game play!

Because of limited spacing, you will need prior registration for this event.
Please call (318) 606-2573 to register.

Summer Code-A-Thon