Luretta Films presents "ERUPT"

  • October 7, 2023
  • 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • 630 Barksdale Blvd
    Bossier City, LA 71111
  • (214) 541-4413
  • East Bank Theatre
  • $20

Discover the Turbulent Journey of Ascent in "Erupt” - A Independent Film brought to you by Luretta Films.

Shreveport/Bossier, Louisiana – Mark your calendars for a gripping cinematic experience, as the highly anticipated independent film Erupt premieres Saturday, 7th, 2023 at the East Bank Theatre, 630 Barksdale Ave, Bossier, Louisiana. Directed by the visionary filmmaker Jonathan Young, this compelling movie delves deep into the intricate layers of ambition, crime, and the pursuit of power in a relentless world where danger lurks at every corner.

Erupt unfolds the gripping saga of Pro, played by Kalvion Thomas, a small-time dealer who begins a relentless pursuit of success. The film explores his entanglement with the criminal underworld alongside his uncle Trouble, played by Roytrez Williams, and cousin Travis, played by Marcus Tramiel, and his journey to establish himself as a formidable figure in an unforgiving environment. Set against the backdrop of the alluring twin cities of Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, this film promises to take audiences on an emotionally charged rollercoaster through a world where allies are scarce and adversaries are aplenty.

Pharoah Dickens masterfully crafts a narrative that digs into the human psyche, exploring the intricate web of choices that mold destinies. With an uncanny ability to elicit raw emotions from his actors, Young's directorial prowess shines through as he unravels a tale that delves into the complexities of morality, loyalty, and the cost of ambition.

Erupt is not just a film, it's an immersive experience that offers a glimpse into the heart of darkness that resides within the human soul. Audiences will be spellbound by the intricate character development, the suspenseful storytelling, and the gripping tension that escalates with each passing moment.

Shreveport/Bossier, Louisiana, serves as more than just a backdrop; it's an integral part of the film's essence. Its rich tapestry of urban landscapes and hidden corners provides an authentic setting that complements the movie's intense atmosphere. Finally, Erupt’s Score and Soundtrack, written & curated respectively by Stonerpop, rise to the occasion with beautifully gritty yet insightful sounds to pair with this compelling story.

Luretta Films presents "ERUPT"
  • East Bank Theatre