Louisiana State Fair Food Crawl

November 1 - November 8, 2018

At our first-ever Louisiana State Fair Food Crawl, you'll be able to sample a list of Louisiana State Fair food oddities with a few crowd favorites thrown in for good measure. We think this is going to be a hoot. The Crawl will be led by Liz Swaine, State Fair Board Vice President, and someone who has been wanting to sample all these unusual foods, too. Along the way, Liz will tell you some of the history of the State Fair of Louisiana and fun stories that only the people who work there would know. (Just know- what happens at the State Fair STAYS at the State Fair!) The Food Crawl is limited to 40 people per event, and we have secheduled two events- one on Thursday, Nov. 1 and one on Thursday, Nov. 8. This is an all-ages friendly event. There will definitely be some walking involved so wear your comfy shoes.

Our Sampling Menu for the evening is being determined now, but could include:

Uncle Ray's Cajun Kitchen-Jalapeno peppers stuffed with chicken and cheese and wrapped in bacon. (These are considered the best stuffed peppers in Louisiana)! Aunt Edmoes Chocolate Chip Cookies- Fried Cookie Dough on a Stick.
La-Kam International - Cherry or Strawberry Kool-Aid Pickles
Swain's Fine Food (I am not related to these folks!)- Meal Worm and Cricket Pizza
Alan McKinney Food Services- State Fair Corn Dogs. It's not a state fair without one of these!
Concessions Unlimited- Deep-Fried Oreos AND Deep-Fried Candy Bars
Winkle Concessions- Deep-Fried Bacon on a Stick AND Deep-Fried Bacon wrapped around Chicken
Miss Piggy's Catering- World Famous Bayou Balls
Silver Dollar Bakery- the best Cinnamon Role you will ever eat.
Porky's- Mountain Oysters
Cajun Limited- Gator on a Stick

This list could- and likely will- change, but we can guarantee that you will have nine tons of fun, you will sample items that will become part of the stories you tell at family get-togethers, and you will learn some interesting things about the one and only STATE Fair of Louisiana, which has been happening yearly since 1906!

The $20 ticket will cover both your parking and entry into the state fair, a bottle of water (to cleanse your palate, you know) and samples of different foods, chosen for all kinds of reasons.

Crawl participants should gather at the tent beside the State Fair Office on Hudson Street by 6:20 p.m. This is where you will be given your water and Sampler Pass. The group walk will commence from here.

Louisiana State Fair Food Crawl