Las Vegas Night 2017

December 2, 2017

Spin, Roll, OR Draw! The whole community wins at Las Vegas Night 2017, which benefits the Betty and Leonard Phillips Deaf Action Center, an IRS-designated local nonprofit. Proceeds from this year’s event will continue the Center’s services to over 18,000 deaf and hard of hearing people and their families in northwest Louisiana.

Tickets include $500 in chips to play blackjack, roulette, and craps (with professional dealers) as well as spectacular live and silent auctions. Additional chips may be purchased and chips cannot be exchanged for currency. An open bar and exquisite buffet prepared by Wine Country’s executive chef compliments the intimate environment.

The success of Las Vegas Night has been the support of our sponsors, auction items donated by area merchants, and the thousands of hours given by volunteers. We hope you will consider becoming an important part of one of the most successful fundraisers in north Louisiana. The proceeds from this event help underwrite the Center’s programming for the next two years.

Who are we?
The Betty and Leonard Phillips Deaf Action Center is a private, IRS - designated social service organization serving persons who are deaf, hard of hearing and multi-handicapped in northwest Louisiana. For 35 years the Center’s comprehensive programs have provided the deaf with opportunities and services (just as they are provided to hearing citizens). The Center serves to bridge the gap between the two communities.

Our primary focus is providing expert American Sign Language interpreting services for a full spectrum of needs including doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, interviews and job training, courtrooms, and elementary school to college-level classrooms. We are also training tomorrow’s interpreters in our multi-level sign language classes. In addition, the center works closely with the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf to provide assistive devices such as amplified telephones and hearing aids to those with less severe hearing loss.

What began in a borrowed office from Shreveport’s Caddo Management Inc. is now housed in a 4,500 sq. ft. facility on Jordan Street; it has become a hub providing independence and leadership for local deaf through face-to-face social interaction, deaf-oriented community events, a multimedia library, and a videophone studio. Located at the facility, the AccessAmerica call center, the first nonprofit video remote interpreting (VRI) network in the United States, provides desperately-needed interpreting services to remote areas through the use of high-speed internet and live video connections.

After a 1982 visit to Shreveport by the National Theatre for the Deaf, Sandi and Jeffrey Kallenberg realized our citizens with hearing loss were truly isolated from basic community services. Together with family members Betty, Leonard, and Fred Phillips, they generously donated the seed money to begin addressing these critical needs. Succeeding generations of continue to appreciate the generosity of others to continue these multifaceted programs and to develop new ones with each advance of technology.

“The Deaf teach us all to focus on what we CAN do, rather than what we can’t.”
-- I. King Jordan,
President Gallaudet University (Washington, DC)

Las Vegas Night 2017