HEAL UP International Health & Wellness Expo

March 14, 2020

This unique event is a "festival of health" that is free to the public. It is a trade show, to celebrate and to promote our NW Louisiana regional healthcare, holistic wellness, and fitness industries. It is also an outreach event providing health and dental screenings, engaging speakers on medical and healthy lifestyle topics, demonstrations of fitness activities, music and entertainment, and a children's area. Speakers and demonstrations will focus on health care awareness, education, and literacy, as well as exposure to healthy lifestyle choices and activities, including nutrition and fitness choices. Our celebrity physician author will provide a motivational message to inspire are youth regarding education and healthcare careers. The event will include a health walk focused on combating obesity and childhood obesity, and it will strive to launch a community weight loss and healthy lifestyle challenge. The event will also include a Farmer's Market and various food vendors. Click here to download the flyer.

Event Theme:
“Championing Holistic Wellness”

Event Goals:
1. To provide a comprehensive celebration of our largest industry in NW Louisiana, which is the backbone of our local economy, and essential to the quality of life of our citizens
2. To provide promotion for and increase the visibility of the local health and wellness businesses that contribute to the comprehensive wellness of our community’s citizens
3. To provide a variety of health screenings, basic health spa services, and a blood drive
4. To promote and facilitate, health care awareness, education, and literacy
5. To present demonstrations of various fitness activities for body and mind
6. To provide expert motivational speakers that educate and inspire our local population to live healthier lives (Featuring a celebrity physician author as our keynote speaker)
7. To encourage youth to pursue careers in healthcare by introducing them to healthcare professionals and their experiences
8. To provide exciting activities to make learning about health and fitness fun for area youth
9. To provide healthy food and nutrition education and demonstrations
10. To connect local citizens with local health resources that enhance their quality of life
11. To recognize and award outstanding health service providers and innovators
12. To launch an ongoing health campaign to fight obesity and childhood obesity, by promoting a weight loss and healthy lifestyle challenge, beginning with an event day morning health walk themed for combating obesity.
13. To invite new and innovative health and wellness brands from outside of our region, to be introduced to our thriving health industry, and to expose their brands for potential expansion into NW Louisiana
14. To facilitate a regional Farmer’s Market

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HEAL UP International Health & Wellness Expo