First Annual Paddlefish Festival

March 9, 2019

The Paddlefish Festival is to celebrate the release of the Shreveport Aquarium's paddlefish back into the Caddo Waterways where they belong.

Did you know that paddlefish, a 300-million-year-old species that was once common in Caddo Lake, had completely disappeared since the 1970s? Through extensive habitat restoration and historic agreements with the Corps of Engineers, Caddo Lake is now prime habitat to restore this prehistoric species.

Shreveport Aquarium is rearing and releasing this threatened species to help repopulate Caddo Lake. Come celebrate and learn all about these extraordinary creatures and how we can all help them survive during our first annual Paddlefish Festival.

Guests will be able to enjoy:
-A crawfish boil
-guest speakers
-art competition
-crafts and more

Ticket price is included in daily admission fee.

First Annual Paddlefish Festival