Fat Tuesday in Shreve Town Walking Parade

February 13, 2018

The walking parade starts in our older part of downtown at the Municipal Auditorium by the Oakland Cemetery. Participants are encouraged to dress crazy and be ready to participate in interactive stops along the way.

The event begins with a traditional New Orleans Jazz Funeral procession and marches into the Oakland Cemetery to hear a short synopsis of the Yellow Fever epidemic, a dramatic role-play, interpretive dance and blessing of the Yellow Fever Mound.

The second stop is at the Ogilvie Mansion to hear its history and enjoy a recreation of a song from a famous personality that once played in its upscale Florentine Nightclub.

The third stop is at the Logan Mansion for a brief history of its origins and special Mardi Gras throws tossed from its balcony. The walking parade continues through the parking lot between Austen Place and the Municipal with a few more presentations along the way. The event winds up at Minicine Event Venue on Texas Ave to enjoy Karoke and yellow edibles.

Fat Tuesday in Shreve Town Walking Parade