Fall Acting and Theatre Workshop with Cherie Grey of Lumpy Grits Artistry

October 26, 2019

Cherie’ Gray is the founder of Lumpy Grits Artistry, an experimental arts group based in Shreveport, La. Gray is a Shreveport native who graduated from LSU in Shreveport where she received a B.A in history and B.A in communications with an emphasis in speech and theatre. She will be conducting an acting and theatre workshop where participants will learn public speaking, improvisation, basic theatre, audition skills, monologue work, confidence, movement, and delivery.

Lumpy Grits productions include:
Lumpy Grits: A Literary and Lyrical Mix- Minicine? (2013)
Rock Yo Rap Poetry Friday (2014)
An Artistic and Blended Twist Sidewalk Show- Asian Gardens (2013)
Man vs.? – Eastbank Theatre (2014)
An Artistic and Blended Twist Sidewalk Show –Red River Entertainment District (2014)
The Adventures of Man vs.? (2014)
Popo and Fifina: Children of Haiti (2014)
Meet Arna Bontemps (2015)
Northwest Louisiana Performing Arts Showcase and Talent Competition (2015)
Get Your Blessing- Directed by Jamaal Pratt (2015)
Journey to Harlem Tour Revue (2016)
The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde. Sparked Music and Theatre Performing Arts Summer Camp (2017-2019)

Gray wrote a bio and stage musical for Yazzy Colorful World of Stevie Wonder (2018). She is currently working on developing her graduate thesis project, Race, Citizenship and the French Romantic Imagination: Blacks during the French Revolution. This has developed into a script. This quadrilogy is entitled, Revolution is Now! The last chapter being a historical fantasy.

She directed Lysistrata: Afro-Greek Comedy in 2018. She had a chance to take the cast and crew on the road in 2018 to New Orleans, Louisiana, Chicago, Illinois and Montgomery, Alabama.

Her latest cultural project is the Gritonian Music and Dance Fete: Celebrating the Moves and Grooves of the Black Diaspora (2019). This event educates and celebrates the different genres of dance and music throughout black communities globally. It traces the rhythms and drum patterns from Africa to the United States and Caribbean islands.

Cherie plans on pursuing her doctorate studies in cultural anthropology and archaeology and continuing to spread her love of the arts to various communities globally. She enjoys traveling and adventure. When she is not doing theatre she is playing violin, singing, reading, studying languages, boxing and fencing. She is currently residing in Shreveport raising her young daughter Chai who is also pursuing a career in film, live performance and visual arts.

Fall Acting and Theatre Workshop with Cherie Grey of Lumpy Grits Artistry