East Bank Gallery presents: Whitney Tates & Hillary Frazier

August 9, 2019

East Bank Gallery presents a dual art show featuring the talents of Whitney Tates and Hilary Frazier.

Whitney Tates

Whitney was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. She graduated Centenary College of Louisiana in 2013 with a BA in Studio Art. After receiving her degree, she has since spent her time exploring the locations and people of Shreveport. Whitney’s work explores the relationship between humanity, nature, and The Self.

The palette of cool colors is modeled after space photography, late night stargazing, and water watching. These hues invoke feelings of serenity and distance, while the subject matter focuses on external conversations of conservation, spiritual beliefs, internal questions of spirituality and struggles of understanding the unknown. Each piece ranges from world conservation to the existential question of our place in the world and the meaning behind our brief existence.

The flowing shapes of nature and chaotic blends of nebulas reflect the unpredictability of life and growth. The subjects of the paintings, often women, children, or endangered animals, display their roles in protecting, nurturing and teaching the responsibility we have of watching over our home and ourselves.

Nature, psychology, music, poetry, and other artists inspire Whitney. She combines elements from each of these to develop questions via canvas for the viewers to ask themselves and others.

Hillary Frazier

Hillary Frazier is an award-winning artist that specializes in traditional illustration, hand-drawn typography, and bouts of work-induced insomnia. Frazier graduated in May 2013, from Centenary College of Louisiana with double-Bachelors in Studio Arts and communications (with an emphasis in film). She is currently working on acquiring her Masters of Art at Northwestern State University in Louisiana.
Hillary’s influences include artists such as Alphonse Mucha, Fiona Staples, Skottie Young, and Jamie Hewlett. Many of her works start off as an organic sketch and turn into a reflection of her stream of consciousness. In many works, she depicts women who often appear empowered but who also display subtle vulnerability, displaying the thin line between the two dynamics within the spectrum of femininity.

East Bank Gallery presents: Whitney Tates & Hillary Frazier