Christmas Food Fest - Locally Grown & Raised Veggies & Meats

December 14, 2019

Make sure you're in Haughton for the Annual Christmas Parade and Festival and swing by Heirloom Farm since we are right down the street. There will be a sign at the intersection of N. Hazel and Allentown Rd. We are at 895 Allen Town Rd.

Heirloom Farms will be selling their fall and winter organic heirloom produce. They have a collection of canned goods like jellies, jams, relish and pickled okra from ingredients grown on the farm. Spices from peppers grown on the farm and another veteran-owned business in Louisiana. We have an entire collection of organic heirloom seeds plus an Avon and Christian section filled with pencil coloring books, etc.

Ridge Top Farms will be bringing their meats - pork, lamb and goat select cuts - the most reasonably priced pasture-raised meats in the Shreveport-Bossier City area and raised all-natural on the farm. Get your hams and smoked ham hocks for the holiday meals, sausage for the stuffing. Lamb and goat make perfect meal choices for the holidays, too.

Resurrection Life Farm of Shreveport will be selling their own brand of tea called "Life In A Cup". They grow their tea ingredients chemical-free. It's the best way to enjoy those cold winter nights and mornings and is perfect for gift-giving over the holidays.

The country store has several options for mix and match gift bags for holiday gifts for the family, friends and co-workers. Give the gift of organic heirloom seeds, canned goods, teas and so much more all while getting your locally grown and raised foods for your holiday dinners.

You can preorder your meats from Ridge Top via Square for quick pickups. Contact them on their FB page.

Christmas Food Fest - Locally Grown & Raised Veggies & Meats