Big D’s Super Soppin’ Stage Party

February 24, 2019

For those who don’t know, Big D of Big D’s BBQ (101 Common St) has been serving up the best bbq in the universe, known for its secret sopping sauce, for 35 years.

He opened the door to music in the early 2000s and since then the sounds of blues, metal, hip hop, punk, funk, electronic, and much more have been heard by everyone from bikers to businessmen. He has always maintained an all-ages location and never took a percent of door or took any cut from the bands.

He was recognized in 2018 by Reconciliation Shreveport for his positive role in race relations. He is a veteran. He is a pillar of the community. He has been there for all of us.

Please come support him the way he would want.

And in the meantime, eat BBQ too.

Live entertainment line-up:

AJ Haynes (intermittent)
The Mole People 11:30
Nate Treme 12:00
Casanovascotia 1:00
Trashcan Jinga 2:00
Merry Rosewater/Braxton Hicks 3:00
The Mertzes 3:30
Vela Nora 4:30
Magnolia Mae 5:30
Justen Jackson 6:30
Whether 7:30
Jagged Rainbow 8:30
AKNoids! 9:30

Big D’s Super Soppin’ Stage Party