Big City Dynamite

August 7, 2021

Big City Dynamite is a local amateur boxing event that is action-packed and that welcomes all ages. Bring your whole family out and join us at The Lot on August 7 to support our dedicated athletes! There will be several different cuisines onsite to check out and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Don't forget that your furry friends are always invited to The Lot as well.

General admission for Big City Dynamite is $10; Military, Vets, and First Responders get 50% off with valid ID at the gate.

We will not be taking reservations for tables at this event; tables are exclusively for sponsors and their guests, and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Sponsorship opportunities are available, and we are seeking support to defray the costs associated with hosting this event. For more information on sponsoring a cause that drives positivity in our community, please call Coach Jake Dement at (318) 617-1508, or shoot a note to the Dement Bros Boxing Club's Facebook page.


Participants: boxers, coaches, officials, volunteers, event staff, medical staff, security, parents/guardians of minors. Masks required within the Field of Play. Non participants: media, spectators, and vendors. Masks are not required for spectators as long as they are fully vaccinated.  We follow local and state Covid protocol regarding food services and we work closely with The Lot's event coordinator and owners to ensure cohesion between local government restrictions. We will have signage posted with proper hygiene practices and areas with hand sanitizer available to all guests.

Big City Dynamite