ART LIVE- This is America

July 20, 2018

ART LIVE - This is America will be held at Bon Temps Coffee Bar in Shreveport on Friday, July 20 at 5:45 p.m. Free to all ages.

Art Live is a fun and creative competitive event hosted by CoCreative at Bon Temps Coffee Bar. Join us as we welcome local talent to battle it out- PAINT STYLE.

Each live painter must create a piece based on the monthly theme. Midway through the competition, the painters get a "secret challenge" that they must overcome in order to qualify to win! The winner of each month receives a paint trophy, a gift card for art supplies, AND they get to return for the next Art Live to defend their title!!

6:00 PM Painting Starts
7:30 PM Secret Challenge Announced
8:45 PM Voting Closes
9:00 PM Winner Announced

Artists must create a piece based on their opinion or outlook on America. Here is the kicker - They have to represent America by painting FOOD in honor of July 4th BBQ and National Hot Dog Month! This is going to be interesting!!

YOU CHOOSE THE WINNER!! By buying a drink or food item from Bon Temps Coffee Bar, you get a ticket to vote for your favorite painter! 1 drink = 1 vote! Purchase multiple drinks to gain multiple voting chances! We encourage show-goers to vote on throughout the evening!! Voting closes promptly at 8:45 p.m. 

J. Ben Moss aka PLOID (defending his title!)
Whitney Tates (Wet Paint Arts)
Star Williams (Starrymite Creations)
Tyler Cromwell

De'Lontrell G. Thomas - Saxophone King

ART LIVE- This is America