2022 Louisiana Beauty Photo Contest

December 1 - February 1, 2022

2022 Louisiana Beauty Photo Contest will be held at Star Event Center in Shreveport on Saturday ,February 26 at 5 p.m.
Entry fee is $35. Proceeds to benefit Star 360 Outreach Programs. The Deadline for photo entries is February 1, 2022..

The Contest is open to young ladies ages 13 and older, participants must submit a close-up photo and full length photo in a formal dress. The Competition will also have optional categories of most beautiful, miss photogenic. best smile and best evening gown entry fee is $25.

Participants can enter photos either by mail or e-mail submit photos. with name ,phone number and email. All entry fee payment must be a money order or check made payable to: Star Group 1400 Fairfield Shreveport, Louisiana 71101. Winners selected will be based on photos submitted.

Additional photos can be entered for $10. The Overall Winner will receive cash and a sash .Overall and Division winners are selected by a panel of Judges. Three divisional winners will also be selected from the following Teen, Young Adult Division: Age 13-25 and Adult Division: 26 and Over -.No age limit. Division winners will receive a sash and gift . Entries accepted through mail and via e-mail. deadline is February 1, 2022 . Entry email starwearyourcrown@gmail.com

2022 Louisiana Beauty Photo Contest
  • Star Event Center