Over the Edge

October 7, 2017

Over the Edge NWLA is a family-friendly event that features food and craft vendors, rock wall climbing and live music on Saturday, Oct. 7. Join us in the "Landing Zone" to cheer-on and celebrate those who Take the Leap for Housing at the Beck Building located at 400 Travis Street in downtown Shreveport. Participants will rappel off the building and funds raised from this event will go to support the Fuller Center for Housing NWLA.

To register to rappel or for more information, visit www.overtheedgenwla.com.

Fuller Center for Housing NWLA is a non-profit organization committed to providing affordable housing for veterans and low-income working families. Proceeds from this event will help to support its mission to Build homes, Build Lives and Change communities.

We are welcoming the young or young at heart, daring, and active to Rappel for a Cause and take a Leap for Faith. For those who only have the nerve to watch others rappelling, they can join us at the landing zone for family fun, music, and food.

Over the Edge